Control your heating from your mobile

We get a lot of enquiries about new smart thermostats, which are controlled via an app on your device. This technology means you can control your heating from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.The app lets you schedule desired temperatures based on how often someone is home, when the first person in the house wakes up and goes to bed. This way, the temperature is always where you want it, when you want it.

There are loads to choose from but here are two of our favourites…


Ongas Heating Services Ltd - installers of Nest smart thermostats and intelligent heating systems based in Stroud GloucestershireThe Nest Learning Thermostat

It doesn’t need programming. It learns your schedule and uses Wi-Fi to connect to your phone. It features a dedicated controller which communicates with both its thermostat and the router wirelessly so it’s seriously easy to setup.




Ongas-Heating-Services-Tado-smart-thermostat-installers-Stroud-imgTado Smart Thermostat

Tado’s new smart thermostat gives Nest a run for its money. It has a minimalist white aesthetic and comprises of just two components: a thermostat and a bridge. It’s a neat package.





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